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Carbon Steel Woven Wire Mesh

  •  Carbon Steel Woven Wire Mesh
  •  Carbon Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Carbon steel woven wire cloth has even mesh distribution, smooth surface and relatively low cost. After simple processing, the cloth could be processed to filter disc, which has a wide range of applications, such as plastic industry, rubber industry, industrial filtration, petrochemical filtration, screening particulates for grain industry, and gas & liquid filtration.

Customizing is available
Huanyu provides customized service for customers. Be sure to contact us with your specific requirements towards its material, wire diameter, sizes and other specific parameters.

Huanyu specializes in stocking a wide range of popularly requested carbon steel woven wire clothes, most notably the standard or market grades.

Mesh per inch Wire diameter (mm )
12 0.35/0.45
14/16/18 0.45
20 0.40/0.45
24 0.35
30 0.30/0.29
40 0.25
50 0.23
60 0.17
12×64 0.60×0.40
14×88 0.50×0.33
24×110 0.35×0.25
30×150 0.24×0.178

Professional wire mesh manufacturer and supplier
Since its establishment in 1992, Huanyu has more than 25-year experience in manufacturing wire meshes, and we have always been committed to meeting wide and changing requirements from our customers in the past 25-years.

Due to our great effort and high-quality products, we fairly believe that we can and we will become a reliable wire mesh manufacturer and supplier in high-end customizing woven wire mesh field.

We produce woven wire meshes and welded wire meshes of different materials, including stainless steel, iron, copper and so on.

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