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Copper Woven Wire Mesh

    1. Brass Woven Wire Mesh
      Brass woven wire mesh produced by Huanyu has wide applications. It could be used in solid particles, porcelain clay, and gas & liquid filtration. It could also be used in screen printing for glassware, in which our products are used to filter aggressive ink and pastes.
    1. Pure Copper Woven Wire Mesh
      Red copper is a relatively pure copper, which can generally be regarded as pure copper. Being made of 99.99% pure copper, our pure copper woven wire mesh is ductile, malleable, corrosion resistant, and has high thermal and electricity conductivity.
    1. Phosphor Bronze Woven Wire Mesh
      Phosphor bronze woven wire mesh has a chemical composition of approximately 5-8% tin, and 0.03-0.35% phosphorous. It features high fatigue resistance, high resilience, and good abrasive resistance, and is non-magnetic.