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Custom Wire Mesh

Since its establishment in 1992, Huanyu is always committed to consolidating its reputation as a major enterprise in the wire mesh industry. Thanks to our products catering to the wide and changing requirements from customers, Huanyu has become and will always be a reliable wire mesh manufacturer.

We produce customized woven wire mesh with specific requirements of customers. We have 25 years' experiences in manufacturing customized woven wire mesh, with different mesh numbers, mesh opening sizes, filtration accuracy, weaving methods, materials and other requirements. We are qualified to meet diverse requirements from our customers.

The mesh opening size of Huanyu ranges from 5mm to 0.02mm (from 1 to 635 mesh per inch) and the filtration accuracy varies from 3μm to 347μm(from 28# to 1970#). Diverse materials are adopted during manufacturing process such as stainless steel of 304, 304L, 316, 316L, copper (Brass, Tin bronze and Red copper), nickel, carbon steel and other metals, which are provided by reliable suppliers.

Customization process:
Customizing the metal mesh with Huanyu is very simple.
1. Offer your specific requirements towards the material, the mesh count, wire diameter, and its specification.
2. We will have a rough estimate about the cost and make an offer
3. After signing the contract and receiving the deposit, we will start the production. We can also send you free samples before the batch production.

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