1. After the completion of producing the stainless steel mesh and copper wire mesh, the testing should be carried out in which aspects?
A: All the finished products should undergo serious testing from the quality control department of our company. The testing will be delivered in the following two aspects: the basic parameters and the condition of mesh surface. The basic parameters conclude its material, mesh number, wire diameter, width and its length. As to its surface condition, uniformity and flatness are the main testing aspects.

2. What are the main material grades of the stainless steel?
The common stainless steel grade conclude 201, 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430 grade.

3. What is the width and length of a roll of stainless steel wire mesh / copper wire mesh?
A: The common widths are 36", 40", 48", and 60". And the common length is 30m. But stainless steel wire mesh and copper wire mesh of other width and length could be customized.

4. How do the stainless steel wire mesh and copper wire mesh get packed?
A: In general, they will be packed with paper tube, moisture resistant paper, plastic film and a wooden box. They could also be packed according to customers’ requirement.

5. What is the size of sintered stainless steel fiber felt?
A: The regular size is 1180x1500MM. But it could be cut according to requirement of customer.

6. Is there any sample available?
A: We can offer you some free samples for testing.

7. How should you pay for your bill?
A: 30% prepayment is needed for production, and the rest could be paid after the completion of the production. The delivery will only be carried out when you paid all the bills.

8. How long is your delivery period?
A: The product will be delivered 30-40 days after you paid your prepayment.